Promo Policies

7-Election Store Policies and Procedures

  • Participating items on this promo:  22oz. Gulp and 12oz (medium-sized) City Cafe (City Blends or Prima excluded). 

Scanning of cup ‘votes’

  1. The only way to vote for a certain candidate is by scanning the barcode on the candidate’s cup chosen by the customer - store clerks shall ensure that the correct candidate cup is scanned.
  2. The candidate cups shall not be sold separately from the participating products (Gulp or City Café).
  3. If a customer gets a Gulp juice, iced coffee, and/or milk tea, the clerk will press the corresponding additional retail button on the POS touchscreen after scanning the barcode. 
  4. After paying for the 7-Election cup, the clerk will show and validate with the customer that the correct candidate was punched as shown in the receipt. 
  5. In the event that a wrong candidate is reflected in the receipt, the store clerk shall cancel/refund the order and scan the correct candidate cup. Once an order is canceled/refunded, the corresponding vote of the canceled/refunded order is likewise voided and will not count towards the total vote tally.
  6. Store Managers and Area Managers will ensure that proper protocol and promo rules are strictly implemented by the store clerk.  They must coordinate with complainants, either personally or via private message on social media. The store CCTV will likewise be reviewed to validate the complaint. This is our protocol in investigating any incident.
  7. Non-compliance to promotional standards of store personnel shall be dealt with disciplinary action if proven they violated our policies. 

In-store cup stock level monitoring

  1. Store personnel will check and balance deliveries, sales, and inventory daily  to ensure that no candidate cups run out, and that reported sales per candidate balance with the remaining inventory per candidate.
  2. In case of impending cup design stock-outs, stores are immediately advised to order from the nearest warehouse, do store-to-store transfer, or request help from Area Manager in case a special allocation request is needed.
  3. Regular, non 7-Election cups  are available upon request from the clerks. Customers can still use the regular cups in case they prefer not to participate in the promo or if they want to purchase a different cup size.

Until the Philippine National Election